The True Potential of Real Hydrogen in Skin Revitalization Unleashed by Lisse

It becomes difficult in your tight daily schedules to take proper care for your skin. On the other hand with rising expenses of beauty treatments and facials in parlour, it also becomes quite difficult to manage the stress of heavy parlour expenditure on your pocket. Lisse is the cosmetic product brand which has brought in revolutionary use of active real hydrogen in their rejuvenate mask, exigent repair ampoule and snow ice cream.

Nourishing Ingredients

Along with a lot of herbal extracts, plant or flower extracts to essential herbal seed extracts make these products completely suitable all types of skin. If you are already worried with wrinkles, enlarged pores, blemishes, dull skin tone, etc, think once again, for Lisse brings to you comprehensive solution for skin care.

How Hydrogen Acts

The skin cells work in general rhythm of metabolism, and as a bi-product the skin cell accumulates free oxygen radicals. These are toxin which enhance aging of the skin, slows down regeneration of skin, enlarges skin pore, etc. However, hydrogen serves to be a multi action agent for rejuvenating skin and reviving the vitality of skin.

  • The toxin oxygen radicals are essentially eliminated from the skin cells by the hydrogen. It actually neutralizes the oxygen radicals to water, and therefore eliminates toxins as well as moisturizes the skin too.
  • The skin cells are rejuvenated essentially as the hydroxyl ion removes the accumulated dirt within and soothes skin irritations.
  • Moreover, along with the active hydrogen the herbal ingredients in the product actively work from within to eliminate the collagens in skin cells and enhance skin tone effectively. It also tightens the skin and offers anti wrinkle effect.
  • Amazingly the antioxidant characteristics 431 times that of Vitamin E, 836 times more than the effect of Coenzyme Q10, and 176 times more than the anti oxidant effects of Vitamin C.

It is a normal process in which skin cells tend to start slowing down in regeneration speed. You can see the signs of aging through different ways like excessive sebum, enlarged pores, wrinkles on skin, etc. However, the product line from Lisse offers distinguished protection from the signs of aging since these products are dedicated to offer counter action to the aging signs. Your skin is clear when the toxins are eliminated; tightened pores offer a toned and wrinkle free appearance. Thus, overall the skin is soothed from excessive stress and accumulation toxin agents so that your skin can breathe free.