Skin Soothing and Pore Tightening with Lisse Real Hydrogen Products

One of the exclusive beauty products from Lisse is the real hydrogen snow ice cream. Well, though ice cream it is not to pacify your appetite but to pacify the essential healing requirements of your skin. As you age, it shows off on your skin through different signs. It is the pores of the skin which reflect aging of skin cells effectively. As you age, skin pores tend to enlarge, and once enlarged it becomes difficult to regain its normal contour.

However, controlling the skin temperature essentially controls the enlargement of skin pores as well. The snow ice cream with real hydrogen from Lisse controls the temperature of skin cells and avoids flushing and dehydration which can again enlarge skin pores.

Exclusive Skin Revitalizing Composition

  • The product includes essential extracts of grapes seed oil and papaya which gently removes layers of dead skin cells to unleash fresh and soft new skin cells.
  • Exclusive 25,500ppm Yuza extracts acts as a primary source of vital vitamins which restore skin elasticity, brightens the skin tone and tightens the pore offering a youthful look to your skin.
  • The integrated micro aqua capsule effectively lowers the flushed skin temperatures, modulates excessive heat on skin cells and provides a cool refreshing effect.
  • 840ppb hydrogen works intricately to remove free radical oxygen and toxins and replaces them with microscopic moisture that hydrates the skin cells from within.
  • Evermat offers enhanced skin pore tightening effect and also controls the secretion of sebum.

How to use

It is essential to cleanse your face before applying this product. After cleaning the face, you need to apply toner and moisture before applying this cream. For best cooling effect, it is suggested to keep the real hydrogen snow ice cream refrigerated. This enhances the instant cooling effect even better. Apply the cream evenly and tap to finish. This cream also acts as a base for make for makeup. Applying of this snow ice cream with active real hydrogen ensure easy blending of makeup. Moreover, since it effectively tightens the pore, ensures protection against enlargement of pores by exfoliating the pores.

  • Cleaning the pores from within is essential to control the pores enlargement and tighten them.
  • Pore tightening offers a toned look to skin.
  • This product even brightens the skin by cleaning it, nourishing it and by removing toxins.

Therefore for improved and healthier skin, Lisse brings real hydrogen integrated beauty products.