Comprehensive Skin Rejuvenation with Lisse RH Rejuvenate Mask

The pollution and use of cosmetic chemicals on a daily basis depletes the essential vitality of skin and enhances the growth of toxic agents within skin cells. This results in blemishes, patches, dull skin and even wrinkles and dark circles. The skin starts feeling and looking like as if it is aging. Real Hydrogen Rejuvinate Mask from Lisse is a comprehensive solution for reviving the liveliness and softness of skin by removing toxics, hydrating the skin and nourishing the skin with essential nutrients.

Specialty of RH Rejuvenate Mask

Lisse showcases one of the premium range facial rejuvenating masks with active hydrogen which was initially formulated in Korea in a combination with patented hydrogen production technology with the mask ingredients. Hydrogen, which plays to be the prime ingredient of the mask plays a vital role in removing the toxics from the skin cells from harmful toxics and relieves skin irritation, blemishes, patches and dullness.

  • Hydrogen neutralizes the toxic oxygen present in the skin cells by actively transforming the toxics into water.
  • Hydrogen is a power antioxidant agent which offers 176 times better action than Vitamin C, 431 times improved action in revitalizing skin than Vitamin E and astonishingly 863 times enhanced activeness compared to coenzyme Q10.
  • Hydrogen helps to bring back the softness, moisturized and detoxified skin back.

Effectiveness of RH Rejuvenate Mask from Lisse

  • Hydrogen mask acts intricately to detoxify the skin cells from harmful toxics and remove wrinkle effects by whitening the skin tone.
  • This mask offers an all in all skin revitalizing effect acting effectively as an antioxidant, antibacterial remedy, moisturizing agent, detoxing agent as well as offers anti anti-inflammatory qualities. This means this mask is suitable even for sensitive skins.
  • It deep cleanses the skin pores, and eliminates blocked dirt from the pores, offering the suppleness of skin back.
  • Tones the skin by enhancing skin tension with essential v line elasticity. Thereby, it effectively removes any visible skin swelling.

Herbal remedy to Skin Problems

This mask is exclusively designed for complete rejuvenation of skin and essentially includes herbal extracts of tea tree leaf with astringent effect offering antibacterial treatment of skin, equisetum arvense extract enhancing skin tension, yersba mate leaf extract and many more herbal extracts which enhance the healthier tone of the skin, by removing germs, eliminating toxic agents in skin cell, and improving the overall tone and skin cell condition with essential moisture as well.